Bodice Fitting Workshop


what is this course about?

Ever been frustrated with fit of patterns and struggling to understand how a generic pattern can be adjusted to fit your unique body?  Then this is the workshop for you! Sarah will demonstrate, guide and teach you how to adjust a bodice of your choice to your personal body measurement and shape.  Learning how to diagnose fit issues, transfering those to adjust the pattern pieces and making a toile of the adjustments for further tweaking and transferring back to the pattern (where necessary).  You will leave the workshop armed with a new set of fit skills that will be transferrable to other patterns and build your confidence in making bespoke garments to fit you!

Who is this course for?

This class is for confident beginners to intermidiate sewers  who have previous experience working from a sewing pattern, and have already made a few garments but are beginners in terms of fit

what will you learn on this course?

+ To  accurately take their own and others' body measurements
+ Full bust adjustments
+ Small bust adjustment
+ Lengthening and shortening a bodice
+ How to raise and lower bust darts
+ How to adjust the  neckline including raising and lowering
+ How to fix shoulders issues
+ How to alter for posture
+ How to diagnose fit issues
+ How to make pattern alterations to the paper pattern
+ How to make pattern alterations to a toile
**Please  be aware that the type of adjustments detailed above will be dependant on each indiviudal students  fit diagnosis and the bodice pattern used.  Therefore, it may not include all of the above alterations and may also include other fit alterations not detailed above.  This class is structured to be bespoke to each individual in the class. 

what will you need to bring?

+ A bodice pattern of your choice.  You will be asked to confirm what bodice you are bringing for adjustment in order that we can determine suitability for maximum learning benefit and one that is more generic so that this can be transferred to other similar bodice patterns in similar  drafed styles.
+ A notebook and pen to take notes
+ A camera / phone to take process pictures (optional)

For more general information on our workshops, visit the Class Policies page

Date and Times

Sunday 15th September 

10am -5pm 

Class includes

+ Toile supplies: muslin, pattern paper, tape, pens & pencils, scissors, rulers etc (if you have your own portable tool kit, please feel free to bring it along)
+ Sewing machine and the usual dressmaking tools such as tape measures, fabric scissors, thread, pins etc



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